EZVIZ C6 AI Smart Camera

National Love Your Pet Day is coming up on February 20th, and as pet lovers, we know how important our furry friends are to us. In honor of the holiday, here are some interesting pet facts that you might not know! Did you know that a dog’s sense of smell is 40 times better than ours, or that hamsters are banned in Hawaii? A group of kittens is called a kindle, while a group of adult cats is called a clowder. Goldfish can remember things for up to 6 months, and rabbits’ teeth never stop growing.

After the pandemic, many of us are finding it difficult to leave our pets alone for long periods of time. That’s where the EZVIZ C6 AI Smart Camera comes in. This indoor camera can help you keep an eye on your pets while you’re away from home, with 360-degree panoramic views and on-camera AI that can detect and track pets and humans in real-time. The C6 camera is available on Amazon for $79.99 (previously $129.99) and can also store your memories on a local SD card. It’s perfect for any pet lover who wants to keep their furry friends safe and secure.

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