Cordless Vacuum-Mop Combos : dreametech

Dreametech’s new cordless vacuum-mop device helps consumers clean pet hair, dirt, and debris from every corner of their home. The innovative product boasts smart dirt detection, auto-suction adjustment, Intelligent voice prompts, and an LED display.

Consumers can vacuum and wash their floors at the same time, identify dirt with its LED ring light, and enjoy the ‘H12 Pro’s’ edge-to-edge cleaning head design. The vacuum uses hot air to dry the brush roll to help protect hardwood floors from scratches or marks, and it rotates forward and backward to separate and remove hair.

The ‘H12 Pro’ features a 900mL clean water tank and a 700ml water tank for dirt and debris. It can be used with a cord or wirelessly, and offers three cleaning modes for different purposes.

Image Credit: Dreametech

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