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Natalie’s Orchid Island Juice Company has officially debuted a new juice in the spirit of Valentine’s Day. The ‘Pineberry Limeade’ is a small batch release that contains only four ingredients and offers a delicious fusion of pineberries, fresh lime, and cane sugar. ‘Pineberry Limeade’ is also the first in a series of limited edition juices from the Natalie’s brand, as the company has confirmed it will launch more throughout the year. The business will announce a release date on Instagram upon launch, and the juices will only be available on Natalie’s e-commerce website.

“We’re really excited to launch this Pineberry Limeade as a premiere limited edition juice offering,” says Natalie Sexton, VP of Natalie’s Juice Company. “At Natalie’s, we’re always looking to evolve and innovate while staying true to our mission.”

Image Credit: Natalie’s Orchid Island Juice Company

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