Hiking-Inspired Asymmetrical Shoes : Hiking-Inspired Asymmetrical Shoes

Fashion brand Our Legacy has released the Gabe shoe in chrome peak color with a hiking-inspired shoe with asymmetrical patterns. This Stockholm-founded independent fashion brand has made irregularly unique designs for its fashion items, and this shoe is no exception for its hiking-inspired Gabe collection line.

This asymmetrical shoe, inspired by hiking boots, combines various materials to create a unique design. The lateral walls feature an exterior layer of metallic silver, while the asymmetrical upper half of the shoe is crafted from soft suede. The shoe laces are placed beside the tongue of the shoe, and the word “vibram” is printed almost at the back of the midsole in a yellow color. Additionally, the heel pull tabs sticks out vertically. The shoe is currently available for purchase and is priced at $420 in EUR.

Image Credit: Our Legacy

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