Air-Fried Kettle Chips : air fried potato chips

Kettle Brand, a premium kettle-cooked chip manufacturer, has launched the first kettle-cooked, air-fried potato chip titled the ‘Kettle Brand Air Fried Chips.’ The new Kettle Brand Air Fried Chips are available in popular flavors such as Sea Salt & Vinegar, Jalapeno, and Himalayan Salt, and deliver a light and crispy texture with 30% less fat than the original versions. Kettle Brand developed patent-pending technology to kettle-cook and air-finish potato chips, making them the first snacking brand to create an air-fried chip.

Air-fried foods have gained popularity in recent years, with potatoes being the top air-fried food. Kettle Brand is the first snacking brand to offer air-fried chips, providing customers with a unique light and crispy crunch to go with their signature bold flavor.

Janda Lukin, Chief Marketing Officer of Campbell Snacks, Kettle Brand’s parent company, expressed her pride in being the first to offer air-fried chips, which no one else is currently providing. In addition to the natural promise Kettle Brand makes with every batch of chips, the air-fried finish gives the chips a unique texture to complement their bold flavor.

Kettle Brand Air Fried Chips are now available nationwide for a suggested retail price of $4.79 per 6.5 oz bag. Customers can visit the Kettle Brand website or follow @KettleBrand on Instagram to find out where to buy the new chips.

Image Credit: Kettle Brand

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