Powerful Seated Electric Scooters : EMOVE Roadrunner Pro

The VoroMotors EMOVE Roadrunner Pro from VoroMotors is a ridable electric scooter engineered with power, performance and comfort in mind. The scooter is equipped with two 2,000W hub motors with five speed modes to choose from, which can deliver a top speed of 51mph. The scooter is powered by a removable 60V battery pack that’s rated to provide up to 50-miles of range per charge and is easy to swap out if the rider wants to carry a backup with them.

The VoroMotors EMOVE Roadrunner Pro has a dual-crown hydraulic fork along with 14-inch split rim wheels that are equipped with 2.75-inch tubeless pneumatic tires. Outfitted with a 3.5-inch TFT color display on the handlebars, the scooter is expected to arrive in late March.

Image Credit: VoroMotors

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