Y2K-Inspired Co-Ed Luxe Fashion : heaven out here

Local fashion imprint Wood Wood presents its newest collection designed for the Fall/Winter 2023 season dubbed Heaven Out There. It was unveiled during Copenhagen Fashion Week through an underground runway show with party-like themes.

The contemporary fashion imprint curated a show with ragging dangers that move behind smoked mirrored glass and as the looks were presented, it was clear that the theme stemmed from y2k ideas. The co-ed collection of apparel is ready for the dancefloor with paint-stained denim, dangling keyrings, wool coats, fur-trimmed scarves, shredded knitwear, and much more. Some standout items include the oversized outerwear that is made from sustainable leather materials or the pinstriped dress shirts as a classic nod to the past era.

Image Credit: Wood Wood, hypebeast

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