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The House of Anita Dongre, a celebrated Indian fashion house, has launched a women’s accessory collection that exclusively makes use of Mirum, a leather alternative that is completely bio-based and totally free of plastics.

This ethical accessory collection includes four different varieties of handbags and two types of belts. In addition to boasting elegant designs that will be appreciate by style connoisseurs, each and every one of these pieces uses Mirum as opposed to plastic-based leather alternatives, which throw up a number of sustainability concerns even if they don’t use animal products.

In addition to contributing to more ethical fashion through its use of Mirum, the House of Anita Dongre is also set to contribute five percent of proceeds of sales from the collection to the India Animal Fund. Dongre herself says the collection represents a dream come true, and was created ‘for women who wear their values on their sleeve.’

Image Credit: House of Anita Dongre

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