Mid-Century Nostalgic Hotel Re-Designs : hotel riomar

MA Hotels conceives a new design for its Hotel Riomar located in Ibiza, Spain. It is a boutique hotel and is notably one of the first hotels that have arrived on the island following the first in Santa Eulalia. The space is inspired by its surroundings and features a mid-century layered interior design that honors the nostalgic themes of its heritage.

This can be seen through the use of Pierre Jeanneret Armchairs that are paired with custom-designed sofas faced to overlook views of the beach. The neutral tonal palette is inspired by the landscape of the city and has contrasting tones of orange against the neutrals to add a pop of contrast. The hotel has 112 guest rooms and four suites — all of these have a private balcony and terrace.

Image Credit: Hotel Riomar

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