Aromatic Juicy IPAs : juicy IPA

Pennsylvania’s Troegs Independent Brewing has announced a new and improved version of ‘Hop Horizon,’ an unabashedly juicy IPA that is designed to be enjoyed during the spring months.

This particular version of ‘Hop Horizon’ happens to be the second iteration of the juicy IPA. Coming in at 6.5 percent ABV, this beer makes use of a heady blend of Citra, Sabro and Mosaic hops, which work in concert to release tremendously satisfying notes of citrus, the ever-recognizable tang of tropical fruits and a hint of sweetness. The beer’s character is also buttressed by its carefully balanced combination of oats, wheat and pale malts.

In the words of Troegs brewmaster John Trogner, the aroma of ‘Hop Horizon’ is akin to ‘smelling a hop field in full bloom.’

Image Credit: Troegs Independent Brewing

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