Take A Ride On A Tic Tac

The ‘Take A Ride On A Tic Tac’ campaign is being run by the Ferrero-owned brand as a way to encourage consumers to take a moment for themselves when enjoying a refreshing mint.

The campaign includes a series of limited-edition packaging styles that are each emblazoned with anthropomorphized Tic Tac, which can be observed partaking in a range of activities. The limited-edition packs are arriving now on store shelves and will be available through April. The new packaging is launching alongside the Take A Ride sweepstakes that will offer consumers the change to win a grand prize of $10,000 and more.

Managing Director, Tic Tac at Ferrero USA Endri Shtylla spoke on the new ‘Take A Ride On A Tic Tac’ campaign saying, “With this new limited-edition packaging, we are excited to inspire consumers to find fun in those little everyday moments and we look forward to seeing how our fans will show us how they “Take a Ride on a Tic Tac!”

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