Fast AI Search Engines : gpt4 into bing

Microsoft announced that it is working with OpenAI on integrating the enhanced AI chatbot GPT4 into Bing. ChatGPT4 is a faster, larger language-learning model bot than its current predecessor, ChatGPT3. OpenAI states that, while ChatGPT4 will have a small percentage more parameters than ChatGPT4, the main difference between the two AI chatbots will be speed and efficiency, with GPT4 generating its responses and parsing information significantly quicker.

The search engine Bing will utilize this chatbot to help users access desired information more quickly and more accurately than competing search engines. Microsoft recently increased its investment in OpenAI dramatically, expanding its partnership to a multi-billion dollar deal spanning multiple years of the agreement. It is then likely that Microsoft will utilize OpenAI’s services in more than just Bing, such as on its Outlook and Office services.

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