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‘Artifact’ is an upcoming social media and news service that aims to capitalize on the use of algorithms and the recent increase in the popularity of artificial intelligence. Artifact will be text-focused, similar to Twitter, but also hugely discovery-driven and algorithm-driven, similar to TikTok. The founders, who are co-founders of Instagram that departed Meta in 2018, believe this is the key to creating a successful future-facing social media.

Not only will Artifact allow for native posts on its site, but it will also service users an algorithmically-generated feed of articles from popular news sites, such as The New York Times. It is important to note that the algorithm will also serve more niche articles from lesser-known websites based on the interactions of each user.

The company believes that the recent influx in popularity of AI and AI-related services such as ChatGPT, and the many companies investing in similar services such as Baidu, Google, and more, show that there has never been a better time for an application like Artifact to gain rapid popularity.

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