Lower-Calorie Baking Mixes : Halo Top Desserts

These new Halo Top Desserts are being launched as a way to help consumers prepare premium treats from the comfort of home in a lower calorie way when compared to conventional recipes.

The products include the Halo Top Light Cake Mix Single-Serve Cups, Halo Top Light Brownie Mix: Fudge Brownie and the Halo Top Light Cookie Mix. Each of the products are reported to contain a third fewer calories than leading alternatives on the market. The various recipes start at 80-calories per serving and are capable of being easily prepared from home.

Brand Manager Peter Gargula spoke on the new Halo Top Desserts saying, “Halo Top was founded on an idea to make a lower-calorie ice cream that doesn’t sacrifice flavor and indulgence. We’ve been constantly innovating products to give consumers indulgence they can feel good about”

Image Credit: Halo Top

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