Light-CelebratingTwo-Storey Homes : Casa Tres Árboles

Mexican design studio Direccion creates the new Casa Tres Árboles, which is a two-story home that is made to welcome light and shadow contrasts. It also uses natural materials and has a calming tonal palette to create a space that embodies a ‘monastic sanctuary.’

Designer Mariana Morales, who is also the founder of the studio notes that “The goal of this project was to create a space in natural and warm tones, to convey a sense of refuge and retreat, of the monastic sanctuary. The client’s directive was to give the house a refreshed style, with updated finishes to accommodate more frequent visits, while maintaining the weekend getaway feel of the place.” The home was originally built 25 years ago along the lakeside and is two hours outside of Mexico City.

Image Credit: Direccion

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