Diverse African Doll Collections : creativesoul

Disney works in collaboration with CreativeSoul to present the new CreativeSoul Doll collection. The photography studio is founded by Regis and Kahran Bethencourt and aims to transform their influential portraits into special-edition art. The new range captures classic Disney processes from a more diverse angle as it features an African diaspora with bright colors and textures.

The gowns that are worn by the dolls are made with ethnic fabrics and are wearing naturally textured hair to celebrate rich Black culture. The photography series of Afrocentric Disney princesses see Snow White, Cinderella Rapunzel, and Tiana — truly captures the beauty and strength of diversity from a powerful angle. The Bathencourts were very involved with the process of the dolls, from choosing the hair textures, skin tones, fabrics, accessories, and molds, and photographing them.

Image Credit: shopDisney

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