Blink-Moisturizing Contacts : terasaki institute

California-based Terasaki Institute for Biomedical Innovation has set out to work on a new contact lens that tackles the issue of dry lenses. The newly redesigned lenses are made with a series of micro-channels that is able to run from tear-collecting at the front of the lens to function as a tear-dispensing on the opposing side.

At a closer look, it has a spiral and circular pattern and it is able to collect tears that come together along the middle of the lens to then distribute the moisture along the edges of the eye. The middle remains clear as it is not affecting the sight of the wearer. TIBI’s Director and CEO noted that “The inventive methods that our team has employed bring a potential solution for millions of people. It is the hope that we may extend our efforts to bring this solution to fruition.”

Image Credit: Tersaki Institute

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