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K11 and BUNNEY have united to create unique GORE-TEX red packages, the first made from renowned weather and water-proof material, to commemorate the start of the Year of the Rabbit.

Typically composed of paper, red packets are sometimes thrown away right away after fulfilling their function during the Lunar New Year or Chinese weddings. Even in its fortified card-paper form, the red paper still creases, folds readily, and is easily destroyed.

Hong Kong’s K11 and the London-based brand BUNNEY decided to replace this traditional paper product with a more sustainable and weather-resistant material like GORE-TEX, which is renowned for its hydrophobic, biocompatible, and weather-durable properties.

While it is unclear whether the duo will be stocking this product for a larger audience, consumers can visit K11 Musea’s website to learn more.

Image Credit: K11 Musea, hypebeast, k11musea

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