Mini Cake Rolls : bn mini rolls

McVitie’s ‘BN Mini Rolls’ is being added to the BN brand range by snacking business Pladis. The new snack option is an all-new cake format for the brand, offering consumers a delicious treat that is calorie-conscious and convenient. ‘BN Mini Rolls,’ which come in raspberry and chocolate flavors, are made of vanilla sponge cake, flavor-infused cream, and milk chocolate coating. The new rolls have a £1 RRP and are sold in bundles of five individually wrapped bars.

“While we’ve attracted an audience of younger families and reached even more biscuit lovers with BN, there’s an opportunity to scale this with our latest new product development which taps into the popularity of Mini Rolls. Like so many McVitie’s products,” said Cassie French, marketing director at Pladis UK & Ireland.

Image Credit: Pladis

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