Landscape Painting-Informed Renovations : Thomas Gainsborough

The home of Thomas Gainsborough in Sudbury, Suffolk was renovated by the London practice ZMMA and the architects drew inspiration for the design from something that is close to his essence—his work in landscape paintings. The red brick and flint exterior, whose palette is directly connected to the artist’s work, give the structure a nostalgic feel. Additionally, ZMMA added a “woven” texture to the brickwork, paying homage to “Sudbury’s historical silk-weaving industry.”

The home of Thomas Gainsborough (born in 1727) was transformed into a gallery and museum, alongside a new three-story building that features a new print workshop and a cafe. The renovations cost 10 million pounds and the project was supported by The National Lottery Heritage Fund.

Image Credit: Hufton + Crow

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