Under-Canopy Airflow Trays : dual draft integrated airflow

Dual Draft Integrated Airflow has launched the Infinity Tray system, which allows greenhouses and single-tier cultivators to utilize under-canopy airflow, improved environmental control, and excellent drainage capabilities. In addition to improving drainage, which is essential for shielding plants from mold, bacteria, and root-borne illnesses, the plumbing and installation are easier. The Dual Draft Zero-Clearance and Hurricane Airbox technologies from the brand are compatible with its Infinity Tray system, which comes in 4′ and 5′ widths depending on your crop size.

“The Infinity Tray solution addresses the unique design needs of single-tier growers in cannabis and non-cannabis CEA,” said Greg Panella, CEO of Dual Draft. “By thinking a little differently about the challenges of air and water, it is possible to become more sustainable and grow more high-quality plants, with the same or fewer inputs.”

Image Credit: Dual Draft Integrated Airflow

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