Colorful Metaverse Cities : Metaverse cities

It is no surprise that many architects and designers are exploring the viability and aesthetic potential of metaverse cities. Unsurprising, the virtual world has proven to be lucrative for branding strategy development, as well as concept testing.

Recently, a new type of colorful activation joined the metaverse cities in existence. The activation was organized by the architecture and design firm Space Popular which unveiled its project Search History at the MAXXI museum in Rome. The piece translates “the writings of Italian architect Aldo Rossi [into] virtual worlds.”

The Search History project offers a bridge between the metaverse and the real world, a boundary that is interesting in and of itself. One of the founders of Space Popular, Lara Lesmes, states that the project began when Fredrik Hellberg and her researched “issues of the virtual city.”

Image Credit: Matthew Blunderfield

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