3D-Printed House Neighborhoods : Suburbs of the future

The suburbs of the future might include 3D-printed buildings. This is because constructing such units has proven to be extremely cost-effective, affordable, and even sustainable—when comparing it to other techniques.

Two companies that are exploring the suburbs of the future are the Culver City-based architecture firm EYRC and the Oakland-based automated home manufacturer Mighty Buildings. To make the case for 3D buildings, the latter “asserts that its homes are twice as fast to build, 99 percent less waste-generating, far more precisely-crafted, and (thanks to its stone-like composite) four times stronger than conventional residences.” The collaboration between EYRC and Mighty Buildings is called Mighty Quatro and while only one building has been built so far, almost two dozen are to follow.

Image Credit: Paul Vu/courtesy EYRC Architects/Mighty Buildings

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