Tropically Flavored Probiotic Lemonades : Sparkling Probiotic Lemonade

The KeVita Mango Sparkling Probiotic Lemonade is the latest flavor being added to the refreshment range from the Tropicana Brands-owned brand that will offer a taste of the tropics in every sip. The drink has the same live probiotics that consumers have come to associated with every bottle of KeVita, which are formulated to deliver good bacteria straight to the gut. The refreshment features 40-calories per bottle with six-grams of sugar to make it a beverage consumers can easily add into their daily diet.

The KeVita Mango Sparkling Probiotic Lemonade boasts bright, tropically inspired flavor that will be right at home within the ranges’ existing lineup of flavors including Peach, Classic and six other varieties. The drinks are available at retailers across the US.

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