Jackfruit-Based Smash Burgers : Plant-Based Classic Smash Burger

The Denver-based fast food chain Smashburger has recently begun testing a new Plant-Based Classic Smash Burger made from real plants.

Now through April 25, 2023, Smashburger will be testing a new Plant-Based Classic Smash Burger at select locations in New York, New Jersey, and Colorado. The new burger was created in partnership with the alternative meat brand jack & annie’s to create a delicious new plant-based burger option. Unlike some of the other commercially-made faux burgers on the market, the number one ingredient in the new Plant-Based Classic Smash Burger is a real plant: jackfruit. As Smashburger President Carl Bachmann explains, “This partnership [with jack & annie’s] felt like a natural next step in Smashburger’s journey to offer more diverse and clean plant-based options for our guests, while still delivering the premium, top-quality menu items our fans know and love.”

Image Credit: Smashburger

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