Sandwich Cookie Protein Bars : Oreo protein bar

The Grenade Oreo protein bar is a new addition to the Mondelēz International-owned brand’s product lineup that’s perfect for fans of the namesake sandwich cookie to try out.

The bar boasts a creamy layer of Oreo vanilla flavor creme along with a nougat center packed with cocoa flavor, while the topping of the treat has pieces of sugar-free Oreo cookies. The bar boasts an impressive 21-grams of protein per serving and just one-gram of sugar to make it a decidedly lifestyle-conscious option for consumers to try out as a post-workout treat. The bar is expected to be a hit amongst Millennial consumers with a penchant for the iconic cookies.

Head of Product Rob Page commented on the new Grenade Oreo protein bar saying, “After partnering with Mondelēz in 2021, a collaboration with one of their great products was first on our list to go out and get done. Oreo was the perfect fit. After 18 months of development, we have landed on a product that combines both brands perfectly, in taste and in nutrition. Our hope is the co-branded bar continues the work done by the Grenade brand, delivering added benefits without compromising on taste, while bringing new consumers into Grenade protein bars.”

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