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Asian betting company M88 Mansion has partnered with 335CauGiay (335CG), a Vietnamese esports organization known for its competitive CS:GO roster. The partnership will focus on bolstering 335CG’s digital presence, with M88 serving as the largest sponsor of the esports team.

The 335CG CS:GO roster was established in 2020, and regional success has been its primary focus. The team famously won the Vikings Gaming Pro League and qualified for the International Esports World Championship in Bali, Indonesia.

“M88 Mansion is more than ecstatic to welcome Vietnam’s most successful CS:GO team to our family. We would like to support them in their endeavours this year and beyond. At the same time, this partnership helps in growing our esports portfolio,” said Alan Wafer, M88 Mansion’s Head of Business Operations.

Image Credit: M88 Mansion

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