Candy Bar-Branded Snowboards : TWIX ‘Doughboard’

TWIX, known for its delicious chocolate-covered cookie bars, has just announced the TWIX Doughboard, a unique splitboard that has been created in collaboration with X Games snowboarder and Olympian, Maddie Mastro. A splitboard is a snowboard that comes apart into skis, allowing riders to hike in the backcountry, before coming together to allow boarders to ride the down. This innovative design is perfect for adventurous snowboarders who want to explore the backcountry and experience the thrill of untracked powder.

The TWIX Doughboard is designed to celebrate the nationwide rollout of TWIX Cookie Dough, which is a new and exciting addition to the TWIX product line. The board is half designed by Mastro, with TWIX leaving the second half of the board blank to give fans the opportunity to flex their creative muscles and be part of the board’s final design. TWIX is inviting fans to submit their designs for the second half of the splitboard, and in February, TWIX will choose one lucky fan’s design that will be featured alongside Maddie’s on the second half of the splitboard. This limited-edition board will be created by Venture Snowboards in Colorado, a leading manufacturer of high-quality snowboards.

TWIX is giving away over 100 of the limited-edition TWIX Doughboards in early Spring, so fans who want to get their hands on one of these unique boards should keep an eye out for more details on how to enter the design competition.

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