Accommodating Gaming Controllers : flex controller

Pretorian Technologies, a United Kingdom-based assistive product company, launched the ‘Flex Controller’ for Nintendo Switch systems. This controller is quite similar to Microsoft’s Xbox Adaptive Controller in the sense that it is a rectangular panel with large, spaced-out buttons, and numerous expansion ports that connect to each button’s input.

The Flex Controller benefits from its customization and ability to meet the needs of gamers with limited mobility. The expansion ports connect to accessories such as Pretorian’s Smoothie 75, a 75mm-wide circular button, or the Smoothie 125, a larger 125mm-wide button. For the joystick inputs, the device can connect to the Pretorian Ultra Joystick, a hand-sized standalone joystick.

It is important to note that the Flex Controller will also work with various third-party expansions, such as those from Hori, Real Arcade, and others, though the company does not guarantee compatibility with certain devices.

Image Credit: Pretorian Technologies

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