Accessible Controller Expansion Kits : microsoft adaptive controller

The Microsoft Adaptive Controller for Xbox, originally released in 2018, is a popular accessibility device for gamers with limited mobility. The controller itself is a flat rectangular pad with large buttons and numerous expansion ports for each button found on a traditional Xbox controller. These ports connect to a number of accessories, with some being included in the box, and some being sold by Microsoft or other third-party retailers, such as Logitech.

While the controller has been popular for years and hailed as a pillar of gaming accessibility, Microsoft has recently released a new set of expansion accessories for the device that push its accessible nature even further. These new accessories include an Adaptive Mouse, a new style of Adaptive Buttons, and notably, the wireless Adaptive Hub that allows for pairing of accessories without analog connections. This allows gamers to craft a controller that fully meets their needs without being limited to standard button layouts, button sizes, or even wires.

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