70s-Themed Tiled Furniture : amore mio

Los Angeles-based designer Gretta Solie now works under the company Willow and recently launches the Amore Mio collection full of tiled furniture. This channels retro themes from the late 60s and early 70s, which were first seen by the Italian architectural company Superstudio. The new collection highlights tones of black and red that evoke a sensual Italy disco energy perfectly paired with the hard surfaces.

Additionally, the collection is launching simultaneously with the eponymous digital album release of musical artist Bas Nonno, who is also known as Joey Francis. It is a collaborative effort between the artist and Willow. Solie states, “We decided to collaborate and incorporate Bad Nonna’s career as a musician and producer and came up with an aesthetically beautiful, but also functional record player stands that pays homage to his Italian roots,”

Image Credit: Willow

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