Nachos-Inspired Sausages : Kielbasa Sausage

The Dickey’s Loaded Nacho Cheese Kielbasa Sausage is an alternative way to enjoy some quintessential Tex-Mex flavors that’s sure not to disappoint. The sausage features the brand’s signature pit-smoked sausage that has been stuffed with beef and pork with taco seasoning along with tortilla chips, pepper jack cheeses and jalapeño beans with cheddar. These ingredients combine to provide consumers with a meaty meal option that’s slightly crunchy, cheesy and satisfying.

The Dickey’s Loaded Nacho Cheese Kielbasa Sausage is being launched at the brand’s participating Barbecue Pit locations across the US starting on February 6, but will only be available through April 20, 2023. The sausage is sure to be a hit amongst foodies seeking out a new flavor experience.

Image Credit: Dickey’s

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