Luxury Full-Leaf Tea Brewers : affinitea

Anthony Priley & Robert Schwartz design the new Affinitea Brewing System which is a luxe tabletop kitchen device that helps brew a cup of loose-leaf tea within the span of 90 seconds. With the help of the Clearview chamber, it helps with agitating, pressurizing, and steeping the tea brew. After this, it is strained and dispensed right into users’ cups.

Notably, the patented champer uses pressure and agitation to help with the steeping cycle perfecting. This way, it creates a brew that has low tannins, which is the chemical that creates a bitter aftertaste. This does not disrupt the way it extracts the maximum amount of flavor. It also has a water chamber that holds up to 2 liters of fresh water.

Image Credit: Anthony Priley & Robert Schwartz

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