Cliff Edge Wooden Cabins : bolder star lodges

Norwegian design studio Snøhetta designs the new Bolder Star Lodges project, which is essentially a quartet of wooden cabins that rest on top of a cliff edge. It looks over Lysefjorden in Norway and is designed with interiors by the homeware brand Vipp. The project was commissioned by locally developed Tom Bjarte Norland to design a unique retreat that entices hikers to enjoy the surrounding nature of the fjord. The four cabins are named Stylten, Myra, Stjerna, and Eldhuseteach.

Project lead at Snøhetta Frank Denis Foray notes, “We wanted to create something that would harmonise with the surrounding nature, playing on the natural shapes in the area and creating a sensation that the cabins are floating in the air, hanging over the edge of the mountain above the fjord.”

Image Credit: Snøhetta

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