Protein Bar Bouquets : gift for gym lovers

Since the start of a fresh new year, there are tons of new people who have been hitting the gym consistently and for Valentine’s Day this year, RXBAR created the perfect gift for gym lovers. The RXBAR-quet reimagines the traditional gift of flowers, chocolates and strawberries with Chocolate Sea Salt Bars and new Craft Batch Strawberry Bars.

The DIY bouquets are free from glitter, hearts or cute Valentine’s Day motifs, and as the labels say, they’re truly about “all power, no flowers.” The bouquet is tied with a jump rope “ribbon,” plus other useful gym essentials like a sweat towel wrap. The 100% practical gift is one that’s sure to be appreciated by those who are looking to look and feel their best.

Image Credit: Evan Kalman for Kellogg Company

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