Marshmallow-Inspired Puffer Jackets : Marshmallow-Inspired Puffer Jackets

Just in time for peak Après Ski season, Baileys Original Irish Cream Liqueur has teamed up with world-renowned celebrity stylist and designer Jason Rembert to blend the worlds of indulgence and high fashion with the release of the first-ever Baileys Marshmallow Puffer Jacket inspired by everyone’s favorite hot chocolate accessory – the marshmallow.

Taking cues from the signature rounded shape, soft texture, and the puffiness of a fresh marshmallow perfectly toasted, the Baileys Marshmallow Puffer Jacket emanates a whimsical yet fashion-forward appeal that will take your fit checks to the next level and perfectly accompany a delicious Baileys Hot Chocolate wherever the season may take you.

The one-of-a-kind Baileys Marshmallow Puffer Jacket designed by Jason Rembert is available for sale beginning today in limited quantities while supplies last for those 21+ on Fans can find inspiration on how to style the Baileys Marshmallow Puffer Jacket this season through Jason and his good friend Joan Smalls as they explore the lifestyle and indulgent fashion statements that Baileys cocktails can inspire.

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