Extreme Environment Sleeping Bags : aerogel sleeping bag

The Biigloo aerogel sleeping bag is an extreme environment piece of bedding perfect for avid adventurers to incorporate into their gear collection as a way to prioritize enhanced comfort. The sleeping bag is capable of withstanding temperatures down to -40-degrees Fahrenheit/Celsius and makes use of the namesake aerogel that mimics the capabilities of the worlds finest down. The near-weightless aerogel layer is just 1mm in thickness and paired with DuPont SORONA bio-fleece for additional coziness, while the ultra-fine nylon exterior is waterproof and windproof.

The Biigloo aerogel sleeping bag has a mummy-style design to completely encapsulate the camper and provide the utmost attention to heat retention. The sleeping bag also has a battery-free thermometer on the interior to help campers monitor conditions.

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