Donut-Themed Fashion Collections : krispy kreme 4

HUMAN MADE is tapping Krispy Kreme for its new collection, highlighting brand founder NIGO’s inherent foodie nature. The charming collection boasts apparel styles like a factory jacket, sweatshirt, and T-shirt that are all printed with the HUMAN MADE logo, clip art doughnut imagery, and ‘Krispy Kreme’ inscribed inside. Elsewhere in the collection are adorable key charms, pin badges, and cushions.

The HUMAN MADE heart emblem with the doughnut imprint’s name within is shown on the back of the factory jacket in the company’s signature green and red color scheme. The collection will officially debut on February 1st, and the duo will celebrate its release with an event at the Krispy Kreme Donut Shibuya Cine Tower store.

Image Credit: HUMAN MADE, hypebeast,

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