Candy-Flavored Pre-Workout Supplements : Beyond Raw Lit

The Beyond Raw Lit Jolly Rancher Cherry pre-workout supplement is the latest flavor being launched at GNC perfect for fans of the namesake candy to enjoy as part of their athletic regime.

The flavor comes in a pre-workout powder alongside the ready-to-drink can, which are both formulated with caffeine alongside a bevy of boosting ingredients. The product is being launched at participating locations nationwide as well as online and comes with 30 servings per jar of powder. The supplement could help to support athletes looking for that bit of extra energy when heading to the gym.

Vice President of Merchandising at GNC Kevin Maloberti commented on the Beyond Raw Lit Jolly Rancher Cherry pre-workout supplement saying, “The launch of our Jolly Rancher Cherry flavour is our newest collaboration with The Hershey Company. Time and again, we’ve seen science-backed formulas with mouth-watering flavours yield both results and connection with our consumers.”

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