Avocado Toast QSR Menus : Tim Hortons menu items

These new Tim Hortons menu items are being launched to offer patrons an artisan-inspired option that’s perfect for enjoyment during breakfast hours. The new additions to the menu consist of two avocado toast options including the Avocado Toast with Naturally Hickory Smoked Bacon and the Avocado Toast with Freshly Cracked Eggs. Each of the options are crafted with the brand’s creamy avocado spread, which can also be added to any existing breakfast option.

The new Tim Hortons menu items with avocado are a limited-time offering that speak to the brand’s continued enhancement as its seeks to satisfy consumers with more high-quality fare. The use of accents like everything bagel seasoning and sourdough bread further enhance this notion, and could help to draw in more patrons.

Image Credit: Tim Hortons

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