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Samsung Electronics has launched a new dishwasher designed for 14 dishes at once. The new 14-person Samsung Bespoke dishwasher is more significant than earlier versions as it incorporates AI technology. The dishwasher offers effective cleaning capabilities and a storage layout inspired by traditional Korean culture. The capacity of the new dishwasher has increased despite maintaining the exact exterior dimensions as its predecessor, allowing 14 pieces of dinnerware to be cleaned during one cycle. On January 18, the Bespoke dishwasher went on sale in Korea.

The dishwasher boasts a Max Flex 3-tier basket that enables the middle and top baskets to rise and fall effortlessly. As a result, it allows for effectively loading varied dinnerware sizes and types. Along with its three core modes, it can recognize washing patterns, detect tableware contamination, and adjust water usage.

Image Credit: Samsung

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