Wild Animal-Decorated Gowns : Schiaparelli Lion Head

It is unsurprising that the Schiaparelli lion head dress has gone viral. Presenting its new collection at Paris Couture Week, the French luxury fashion house definitely pushed the boundaries of outlandish design and achieved the unexpected. The aesthetic appeal of the Schiaparelli lion head dress is perhaps concentrated in the life-size faux interpretation of the wild animal and its prominent (almost overpowering) position on the haute couture silhouette. The label’s designers used silk, foam, resin, and wool to create this realistic depiction of a lion’s head. Other wild animals are also features in this capsule by Schiaparelli. That is, there are also a wolf and a leopard head as part of the show, as well. Both showcase equally as impressive craftsmanship as the lion head.

Image Credit: Schiaparelli

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