White Heart-Shaped Chocolates : verdy 2

Natsuko Shoji’s French fusion restaurant été and VERDY‘s imprint Girls Don’t Cry are launching a collaboration ahead of Valentine’s Day that includes adorable heart-shaped sweets. The collaboration features a personalized chocolate set contained in a heart-shaped box with a bite cut out of the side.

“Made With Love” writing and “Fleurs d’été” emblems serve as a reference to Shoji’s pastry business and are etched inside, while the outside features gold foil “Girls Don’t Cry” branding. Girls Don’t Cry and Fleurs d’été branding can be spotted on both sides of either a green heart keychain or a red tie-on charm.

The Valentine’s Day sets from été and Girls Don’t Cry will go on sale for 10,000 JPY on January 27.

Image Credit: VERDY, hypebeast, omakase.in

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