Travel-Ready Electric Bikes : micro-RV

Micro-RV can be handy if you like adventuring into the wilderness but you can only do so for short periods of time, you don’t have enough space for storing a regular-sized RV, or you’d like to be cost-effective in your choices. Well, the German brand SpaceCamper recently released an interesting and excellent micro-RV concept except instead of the vehicle you might expect, the offering is an electric bike. Titled the SpaceCamperBike, one can use the two-wheeler to “ride, work, sleep, and camp in.” For example, the bike seat can recline and become a bed at night or even a mobile workstation if you are craving working in the outdoors. It is completely sustainable and a good option for off-grid camping, as well This extreme versatility is what caused the brand to describe it as “a fuel-efficient micro-RV.”

Image Credit: SpaceCamper

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