Plant-Based Snack Bar Wrappers : compostable bar wrappers

The BAR-U-EAT compostable bar wrappers have been officially released as an eco-friendly packaging that will help to reduce the amount of plastic waste created with every serving. The wrappers are a Biodegradable Products Institute (BPI) Certified Compostable Packaging and are capable of breaking down entirely when disposed of in commercial compost system. The wrappers won’t contaminate the environment and are crafted using FSC Certified materials to further reinforce the sustainable nature of the packaging.

The BAR-U-EAT compostable bar wrappers are capable of positively having an effect on the environment by breaking down and actually adding nutrients to the soil. The packaging comes well ahead of the California SG 54 legislation that will require all packaging within the state to be third-party verified compostable or recyclable by 2032.

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