Fixed-Rate Pizza Commitments : Fixed-Rate Pizza Commitment

Pizza Pizza, a Canadian quick-serve chain, is extending its Fixed-Rate Pizza offer, where customers can purchase a $16.99 XL 4-topping pizza at a fixed price for at least a year until the end of 2023. “We knew we were on to something special when the Wall Street Journal reached out asking to cover the campaign,” said Adrian Fuoco, Vice President Marketing. “Sales have surpassed our expectations, and with inflation still a challenge for Canadians, extending our commitment to not raise the price of our offer through the end of 2023 felt like the right thing to do.”

To promote the extension, the brand is launching a new campaign with agency partner Zulu Alpha Kilo that uses language and imagery from the mortgage and banking industries. The campaign includes TV, online video, and social media ads. The Fixed-Rate Pizza offer has been one of the chain’s most popular offers for over six months and the success of the campaign prompted the decision to extend the offer.

Canadians can continue to purchase the Fixed-Rate Pizza through December 31st, 2023.

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