Wood-Impersonating Furniture Sets : stool and table

The Italian open air furniture brand Nardi chose to tap originator Raffaello Galiotto for a stylish and solid stool and table assortment. Something stands out about the Stack Stool and the Combo Table, in any case. Their outside is made to emulate the surface and presence of pieces of wood. Hence, Raffaello Galiotto drew motivation from the immortal tasteful of customary lumber furniture. Notwithstanding, the stool and table he created for Nardi were made from 100% recyclable recovered polypropylene. This really adds to the daintiness of the pieces and in light of the fact that Nardi treated the Stack Stool and the Combo Table, the two are weatherproof, strong, and appropriate for open air use. To finish everything off, Nardi’s assortment is flexible and space-saving — the stools can be stacked, and table’s level can be changed.

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