Elevated Mellow Fall Fashion : auralee 4

Japnese fashion imprint AURALEE presents its latest collection designed specifically for the Fall/Winter 2023 season during Paris Fashion Week. The entire range is detailed with gentle design touches and pastel tones to continue the muted aesthetics. The collection highlights a sense of softness through relaxed shapes and mellow design accents.

Starting with menswear, the wool coats are paired with mock neck pullover sweaters, joggers in light tones, oversized tops, puffed outerwear cinched at the waist, cropped anoraks, and more. There is also a range of large scarves in the tonal options of beige, teal, and brown. The womenswear is led by slouched shapes that are elevated by silk shawls and shirts that boast asymmetrical cuts.

Image Credit: Pablo Latorre, hypebeast

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