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Guillaume Delvigne’s newest project, ‘Les Mille et Une Nuits,’ comprises stunning cork furniture dipped in vibrant colors. Designed for Maison Matisse, the collection draws its name from an artwork painted by Matisse in 1950 and incorporates scissor-cut techniques. Color is firmly applied to the edges to create a comparable sense of negative space to Matisse’s work. In addition to the cutouts, chunky blocks of colors can be seen across the shelving, desk organizers, and stools, drawing inspiration from the artwork. Each item was created in Portugal, a country known for its massive cork industry. The form is carved out using a laser, and all of the pieces are hand-finished by Delvigne.

“I wanted above all to appropriate some of the painter’s codes,” Delvigne commented. “To transcribe in my own way the sensations that the painting gave me, and to translate that emotion into pieces that for me are energetic, raw, and spontaneous.”

Image Credit: Alexis Armanet, hypebeast, guillaumedelvigne

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