Sweet Italian Pastry Plunges : Sweet Cannoli Plunge

With its new Sweet Cannoli Plunge, Broker Joe’s has figured out how to transform one of the most darling Italian treats into a dippable bite.

For those new, a cannoli is an Italian baked good comprised of a cylinder molded shell of broiled batter, loaded up with a sweet and smooth ricotta filling. Presently, Merchant Joe’s has figured out how to take this baked good and transform it into a sweet spread. The new Dealer Joe’s Sweet Cannoli Plunge includes a base comprised of cream cheddar, harsh cream, and ricotta, which gives it a flavorful rich surface. As far as taste, Broker Joe’s says you can anticipate “sweet, vanilla-touched, very marginally tart notes and a smooth, icing-like consistency — very much like what you’d find inside a newly prepared cannoli.”

Ideal for matching with crunchy treats or new berries, this Sweet Cannoli Plunge is a must-purchase.

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